Thursday, November 4, 2010

what goes on in my mind

i rarely feel like writing what i write in this blog , because it's usually when i am sad or there's something negative going on in my life ...may be that's why i named it DARK MOON LIGHT ,well whatever may be the reason .... i write only when i feel like writing but yes, nowadays i always avoid writing anything that's negative.. because i know i shouldn't do it , because i know it's not's not correct to allow someone to read something that may help them experience your pain ...moreover increase their's..especially when they can relate their grief with you .....

it hurts more when you listen to a sad song that has certain words that suits your life very well......for instance say .... a song TUJHE BHULA DIYA.... may be very painful for someone who has faced a break up and trying his \her best to forget be frank it's of no use you 'll never get anything by crying ...our heart is too innocent to bear such pain shouldn't be subjected to these pains and hurts ,though it may handle it very well but still someday or the other you'll realize that there's nothing that you 'll get by crying your heart out...

i usually listen to a song NUMB when i am very angry because i just love everything about it at that time ....i can feel the music very well...i can feel it's each and every beat and each and every word....i just don't have anything better to do sometimes rather than listening to this song .... our anger is our greatest enemy i have realised it and i broke up with him long time back but he is a very desperate friend who keeps on coming back to me and i have to say hi and hello just to realize that even a simple hello with anger is not good for anyone i have to say gudbye to him ...sorry anger can't help it you'll never be my friend till i have other friends esp till my heart is my best friend.....

well , i think i should get back to the topic now.....

i wrote all this because i really felt like crying yesterday, ok i'll start from yesterday's page only

3rd november  2010

i felt like crying today ,i almost did, i would have surely done only if my dear tears wouldn't have been ANTI NEWTON... they always defy all his laws and the gravity .... all they follow is the voice of their heart .... they'll come out only when they are never needed..when they are supposed to keep quiet and be in their den .... but no they are kid at heart how can they listen to me... they are meant to do what they want and it's fine we need to give them their space...

ok back on point....

today i lost my mobile...sorry it was not lost or forgotten anywhere ..... it was stolen ...
it was not just a phone to me it was my life to me has always been since the day i have started using cellphones ,they have become the integral part of our lives.....
but today not only my cellphone was stolen ....with it many of my other things were stolen .....obviously i am serious here and not talking about that 100 rs note that was kept along with the cell in my pocket, all my special messages , all my contacts , ALL MY POEMS (MOST IMPORTANT LIFE OF MINE)

well i kept my cell in the pocket of my jeans and the jeans was properly folded and was kept in my bag and above that there was a towel and the bag was properly closed and then i went for the drill in the camp,when i came back and opened my bag, to get my cell in excitement of seeing all the messages and missed calls.....i was shocked ...when i opened my bag the first thing that i saw was my sim card lying on the top ,and i was like howcome there's sim card ,first i thought it's the same old simcard that i lost sometimes back and was more excited but when i removed the jeans i realised a caring thief has stolen my life, my mobile.....obviously it was my fault and any effort was of no use though i did but obviously all was supposed to go in vain only and it went.....

in the night i realised that my alarm was set up in the phone and i was 99 percent sure that it was on repeat mode....and it was set up for 5 o clock in the morning i had one percent chance that i may get it when i hear the song BEAUTIFUL SOUL in the morning ....i asked  all of my friends to wake me up at 4 30 positively but sab saale alsi kahinke ......""
 here comes that most hurting lesson of my life" never depend of anyone ...""
i have always failed when i was dependent on some 1 else....


i remember when i was in 11th class i used to study everything for school exams atleast what was possible.... and mukul used to sit in front of me .... we used to give joint examination ,i never consulted him what you are studying , you study this and i'll do this never ... we used to prepare separately ....and write whatever we knew....obviously consulted each other in exams.... actually used to copy each and every word written by the other....but at the time of final exams we decided what will we get by studying everything so we just divided portion between us and he did whatever he wanted to do and i did whatever was left and we knew we'll easily cheat .....but when we reached the centre when we saw our seats we just smiled at each other ...i was on the 1st and he was on the last ...obviously my paper got screwed up because everything came from the portion that he studied...and from then everytime i have realised this fact at every step of my life


well ,that didn't bothered me that me that much ...what mattered the most is my cell was stolen and along with it my faith and hopes were broken ....whatever happened was wrong but what mattered the most was all the lessons that i learnt and taught were proved wrong....may be for a moment but yes they were really shattered, and scattered everywhere thousands of feets under the ground...... and  forced me to recall everything about my life......

i have always lived my life on my own assumption that NO ONE IS BAD AND EVERYONE IS good and good will come ....i always believed it that everyone is good , i always concentrated more on the latter part that everyone is good be it a teacher , a fellow student , or even a murderer.. sometimes i agree i may have said something wrong about someone but never ever from my heart ... i have tried many times to say 'go to hell" to many people but i havn't succeeded yet ... and i know i won't be able to achieve this feat ....

i have seen many friend's complaining about there life, the people that are present or the people that are absent ... especially about there bad friends and the bad people who spoiled there life....i always asked them to forget them to be more specific forgive them because i truly believe that all are good..and have some good things in them .... and those things are the only things that we should see ignoring every other may be difficult not impossible.... everything in life is difficult but not impossible...

but the thing is i felt like crying ,yes i did felt like that ....but as usual tears defied gravity ... sometimes i do feel like crying ... i too feel like having that wave of coldness on my cheeks ... but i am proud that my tears don't listen to my heart.... i felt so because i had to wonder whether to should stop believing what i was always taught ,what i always learnt , what i always taught , what i always remembered , what i always assumed , what was the only thing in my mind , what was the thing that i truly believed and what was the only thing that i wanted everyone to learn from their heart so as to be the best human being ....

 i really wondered whether i should i break every assumption , forget every lesson that i was taught and forgive everyone who taught me that... ????forgive myself for spreading it and ask everyone to forget it ....????

but in my heart i somehow knew ...the answer is "'no"' i shouldn't ....because i have lived on it , i have seen it , i have experienced it ....that has made me smile even at my lowest point.... it's the only thing that has gifted me very good friends


 i tried a lot to curse the guy who stole my cell and left my simcard showing his goodness, but trust me i was not even able to curse him because i know someday he'll realise what he did , he'll realize that he did wrong , i may forgive and forget it but he won't be able to so ,especially his conscience won't be able to do so .. so it's his life he chose to interfere in my life , he did , but i just can't ,i refuse to enter his life and i am no one to curse anyone it was me who was wrong who should have kept it safely , but yes when i was keeping it ,this thought came to my mind that someone might see me keeping it and can steal it , but i  thought ''no ''.... aisa kuch ni hoga sab achche hote hai.... it was my fault i was too good at that time or say too blind and stupid ...i got a  lesson , i learnt it , i 'll be more careful in future regarding security ,....

 i am all well because i have learnt these lessons very thoroughly and even taught them thoroughly , so i don't need someone to tell me that keep smiling . ...well  i do need people to remind me ...we all need a reminder but sometimes you have to remind yourself , do it once then you will never need any such reminder

it's just a little thing that happened and it's completely fine , life goes on , and it has moved on ... life has to move on always ....we all have only one life and all we have to do is smile and laugh .... i am waiting to tell this to my friend ANEESH GULATI  because i know he will laugh and scream a lot after knowing this and along with him i too will laugh over it , because everyone stopped me from going to that stupid camp but i did it .... i had to pay for it ....and ANEESH is going to laugh for sure and me too ....every time we' ll laugh over it ...that is life to fly out things in laughter ...
""har fikr ko dhuen ki bajaih hasi mein udaa dena chahiye""

i wanted to add a bit more in the ending , we should always tell otherS things that will make them smile even at their worst times... though i remember most of the good things said to me but one such thing that i am always reminded of when i feel low is .....
"".u r a vibe of POSITIVITY...n hav learnt d biggest lesson f my life frm u nly.. olwayz smile n smile n smlie.. forget ol worries n assholes who screwed yo lives..n smile n smile n smile.. hehhe :P:P""
i am always reminded of these words of yours when i feel negative ... that negativity don't suits you and at that very moment i come back to normal level ...i really wanna thank PARUL MEHTA  because of whom i have got so much in life and i wanna thank GOD that he has given me very good friends especially parul mehta

it's a sincere request to all of you , life is going very fast , you never know what's gonna happen tomorrow, smile smile and smile, laugh laugh and laugh ..... you never know boat of your life will be headed in which direction , years later you are going to turn back to life and get reminded of each and every thing that made you smile, it's so obvious not even in dreams you 'll think of things that made you cry's the time to cherish and create happy memories.... do it because sweet memories remain forever ....and once you'll start collecting your happy memories ....those memories that you'll love to live again'll realise what's missing in your life .....that millions of memories are yet to be created... live them today ....
that 's the only way to live forever....always remind your friends how special they are and how much they matter to you ....
words touch the core of the heart trust me they do and they remain forever even though forever itself is a lie .........

a very happy diwali to all of you friends, once lord RAM came back and today i came back on diwali ... on this night of darkness light a lamp in your heart and remove all the darkness from your heart.....every day should be a diwaali for you ....lighten up ur heart and mind

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

वो शब्द ही क्या जो दिल को छू ना पाए

वो नाव ही क्या जो लहरों से हार मान जाए ,
वो मीन ही क्या जो तैर ना पाए ,
वो  पंछी ही क्या जो उंचाई से घबराए ,

वो मंज़िल ही क्या जो आसानी से हाथ आ जाए ,
वो वक़्त ही क्या जो थम जाए,
वो  प्यार ही क्या जो हर पल याद ना आए,

वो बात ही क्या जो दिल को छू ना पाए,
वो तन्हाई ही क्या जो ना सताए ,
वो कहानी ही क्या जो ख़त्म हो जाए ,

वो बादल ही क्या जो सूरज को छुपा ना पाए ,
वो लहर ही क्या जो तुम्हे हिला ना पाए, 
वो लहर ही क्या जो छूकर भी छू ना पाए ,

वो गीत ही क्या जो दिल ना गुनगुनाये 
जीत ही क्या जो यूँही आ जाए ,
वो मीत ही क्या जो साथ ना निभाए, 

वो खुदा ही क्या जो नज़र आए ,
वो प्रलह ही क्या जो दिल ना देह्लाये,
वो  जिद्द ही क्या जो पूरी ना हो पाए,

वो नशा ही क्या जो उतर जाए ,
वो जूनून ही क्या जो सब कुछ ना भुल्वाये ,
वो लम्हा ही क्या जो जीना ना सिखाये ,

वो बात की बात ही क्या जो कोई कह ना पाए, 
वो नज़दीकी ही क्या जो दूरी बन जाए,
वो दर्द ही क्या जो ना तडपाये,

वो मंज़िल ही क्या जो ना तरसाए,
नज़र ही क्या जो खूबसूरती ना पहचान पाए,
वो दिल ही क्या जिसे कोई चुरा ना पाए, 

वो पढाई ही क्या जो किसी की  ना याद दिलाये,
वो पढाई ही क्या जो ना रुलाये ,
वो पढाई ही क्या जिसमे मन लग जाए,

वो याद ही क्या जो ना हँसाये,
वो याद ही क्या जो ना रुलाये ,
वो याद ही क्या जो दिल से ना आए,

वो इंसान ही क्या जो ना मुस्कुराए
वो इंसान ही क्या जो किसी को ख़ुशी ना दे पाए
वो इंसान ही क्या जो खुद से जीत ना पाए
वो इंसान ही क्या जो  खुद से लड़ता जाए

वो इंसान ही क्या जो जीने से कतराए

वो इंसान ही क्या जो खुल के जी ना पाए
वो इंसान ही क्या जो जीवन से घबराए
वो इंसान ही क्या  ,वो इंसान ही क्या ??

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


right now i have too many words of aggression ,and too many words of anger, too many words of pity for my stupid college,and its idiotic rules.....especially this one...
at first i discarded it as a prank by some friends but if anyone can think of such an idiotic rule then he can't be an mitian for order to think of something so stupid as this one you have to be in some authority of college and especially mine.....well confiscating a laptop is something as crazy as confiscating a mobile for using it in our's impossible for me to believe that authority of my college can have such a screwed up and crazy mind....but well i have to believe it...
\i just wanna tell all the people out there ,that once there was a time when i hated my college like hell for all its stupid rules and things.....but soon i realised that everything is exactly same everywhere.....and there is no need of hating anything at's better to have a laugh over everything ,every crazy rule,for every stupid reason for which teacher threw you out.......because at the end of the day these days will be missed a lot by us.....even more than our school days.....
and i am in love with my college and all my friends and my dear college has to give me a very strong reason to hate it now.....and there's one person who always opposed me for hating it ... i hope she reads it.....

all i want to suggest my college is to go and confiscate all the cigarettes and bear,wine,whisky ,rum,vodka.tequilla,gin,scotch,fenny,bottles and weed ,diluter,ganja,charas, etc etc etc etc things for which students are meant to be punished instead of taking our laptops.....
and heres a best suggestion for them ....
why not confiscate our cellphones too if they found us using it .....???((in that case we all will be "fonless"))
why not confiscate our books too if they found us using them at anytime of the day????(( if this happens then kautuk and my roomie would be suspended from college because they are usually studying))
it would be really nice to have  "A LAPTOP MARCH" outside director's office.....where we all will donate our laptops to these beggars....
why not confiscate us and ask for ransom from our parents if they found us awake after 12 .....?????
i hope even this will satisfy their hunger for sure.....
so much amount of fees is not enough for these bloodsucking humans.....
but all i have to say is that make how many rules you want to make.....rules are always meant to be broken....and this will be broken every single day by every single student...

ps - i just realised that i don't know the spelling of beer and cigarettes ........

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

stop crying your heart out

I was kind of reluctant in writing this one because it’s kind of philosophical but since this thought crossed my mind I was forced to write it. I usually avoid many such posts by writing them in my statuses on facebook so that I don’t have to spend more time in elaborating them while writing a blog post, but this one exceeded the word limit so I was forced to write it... it’s nothing special but yes in a way I learnt something from it and also realised something which I would like to keep in my mind through out my life, and in order to remember and follow it I have to write it...

I was wondering what would have been my statuses when I was a kid ,what were the things that occupied my mind when I was little, what were the things that mattered to me and what made me happy and what made me sad.......

Here I am writing some of them in form of small status message

“aaj maine khud se patang udaai aur 3 patang kaati bhi ((I FLEW A KITE ALL BY MYSELF AND ALSO CUT THE STRING OF MY FRIEND’S KITE)) 
“I confirmed the English of ‘patang katna ‘ from many friends but not a single one knew it but to be frank while I am writing it in English I am realising how much we are in love with our mother tongue. We just can’t feel the pleasure of cutting the opponent's string in English, all you have to do is feel it in your mother tongue... I don’t know which word can replace the scream of ‘I BOW KAATE” I don’t even know what it means but that’s something I have screamed throughout my life with a perfect smile on my face.

“ aaj ma’am ne mujhe us ladki k sath bitha diya I just can’t tell how happy I am today”((I AM THANKFUL TO MA’AM THAT SHE MADE HER SIT WITH ME TODAY)) 

“aaj mere class mein highest marks aye”((I GOT HIGHEST MARKS IN CLASS TEST)) 

“ I am the new monitor of the class” 

“aaj maine uski ball pe sixer maara”((I HIT A SIX ON HIS BALL)) 

“ I hate it when teacher doesn’t take us out in PT period”...

"today my paper boat carrying my toy soldier reached the other end of the road"...

There were just too many simple things that made me happy at so many moments, in fact it’s with all of us we all smile while recollecting childhood memories, no matter what kind of memories they were... We all just come under the magical spell of simplicity, and the innocence of our childhood, But isn't it strange how everything changes as we grow up... ?

There used to be a time when a simple toy car was the best gift for a birthday but as we grow up we all know what are the things that will satisfy us... I was looking at an old snap of mine and I was showing a keychain having a dummy snake and a small tattoo that I got from BIG BABOOL ,and I just love that smile on my face...that sweet smile just can’t get replaced by a real snake or a real tattoo, or a real car, only thing that can give back that smile is innocence, something that makes our heart truly happy, what I mean by heart is that our brain shouldn’t interact with that. To be very frank I myself don’t know what I exactly want to say, it’s just that all I want is to live like the way I used to be ... happily carefree... I totally agree that we grow up, and with that our problems and responsibilities also increase but why do we have to kill the child in our heart. There used to be a time when only thing that bothered us was incomplete home work and punishments and things that made us happy were just too many...even a dish of Rajma Chawal (they still do it) decorated our face with a splendid smile... But the change that's prevailing now is that we prefer to criticize what we have rather than cherishing what we always had and what will always come in our way ... We cry for people who are not there ,we cry for people who left us but if only once we showed our love to the ones who are there with us we won’t get bothered by anyone’s absence ... There are millions of ways to hurt your heart and millions of things that make our heart smile and they are present  everywhere... It all depends on us what we choose, happiness is something that we should always choose... Only if we start living like the way we used to be as a child, nothing in life would hurt us and our heart... The way we used to fight with friends and start playing the very next day, forgetting each and every grudge against each other, in the same way we can forget other things too and forgive the defaulter if we want to ... It’s better to fight in words rather than keeping silence... There may be so many small things that bothers us and turns us down but for once if we think about the future of those things we will realise how to live with them, for if a, friend played a prank on you, you may be embarrassed, at that time, but people surrounding you must be smiling, may be at that time you’ll feel bad but someday you’ll surely laugh over it too... Sometimes all we have to do is fly out the talks that hurts, it may seem difficult but it’s not impossible... and the moment we accept this things turns out to be really simple
You must have heard this song ‘har pal yahan jee bhar jeeyo jo hai sama kal ho na ho .....’It’s something that we have to realise that same ambience won’t be there in future...there’s nothing that can return our childhood; in the same way nothing could ever replace this time of our life....

All I want to tell you people and what I want to remember is just 4 things.....

"jee bhar jeeyo" (live to the fullest) because you’ll surely miss it someday... It’s always better to remember happy memories...

Every time you are hurt jus recall “kyun dil ko dukhana bevajah" (why to hurt your heart unnecessarily).....

And don’t kill the child in your heart, let it be there with you forever...

Do what you love and what makes you happier...

Ps-I would really love to read your comments on this one,  I would really love to know what happiness means to you....what are the things that made you happy when you were a kid...

Monday, May 17, 2010

she was the only one

well this is my answer to the .blogadda mystery fiction contest
It was a nice story  i must say,but as the author said there was only one person who was capable of doing this he was indeed very true while making that remark,and that only one was LILA ,but she didn't killed herself she plotted a web for her sister Sia's death.
yes thats what i think is the case here.....

"The last to go in was Sia, and she was weeping when she came out. For all their twin-ness Sia was as different from Lila, as possible. Quiet and dignified, plain. One was sweet, the other was smart."

yes Lila was smart indeed ,in fact very smart,and that was a perfect plan to eliminate all her enemies.she gave poison to her when she entered her room,and scattered all the other stuffs like scarf,mug pieces,bullet chain.etc so that the finger remains pointed at others and she knew it very well that every other person in that house had a motive, a want of killing her, and so was the case with Lila too,but the difference was they all tried but Lila didn't .this time it was her turn to prove,and she did it very smartly.....
and she was the only person who could have done it,she was the only person who was at whom fingers wouldn't have been pointed and she knew it... she succeeded because of her wits,she herself took place of Sia and put everyone else into the trouble...that was the master plan such that snake got killed and the stick also remain intact....very clever.....very smart ....


Monday, April 12, 2010

sutta na lia

a dark night it was 
clouds hiding the stars

smoke booze and yaars

that was was the plan

sky was black and blue

friends were few

some were new

but the aura made them true

partially dried manipal lake
all my dreams were awake

all my smiles were fake

and i knew my yes would be a mistake

heart was filled with killing loneliness

and the biting stressing stress

all around was silencing darkness

sky was filled with moonless emptiness

perfect place to celebrate loneliness

perfect place to kill the stress

perfect fear of darkness

and the clouds completed the moonless emptiness

sutta daaru whisky and rum

helped all of us to forget our gum

and for me 'thumbs up' was enough

for making my eyes num

soon they all were so high

that bunny and prasuddha filled the sky

the laughter was everywhere in the sky

because of the sentimental bheja fry

there were beers and cheers

really happy were all my peers

but i was the one drowning in my own tears

simply for my own fears


something was wrong
something was going on

deep within my heart

i was far away from the 'rock on'

that was going on

i dont know why

i wanted to cry
i wanted to live and die

something unusual was happening with me

something was smothering me

something was haunting me

and i was wondering


zindagi ye ab

...............kat ti nahi hai

ansu ye ab

...............thamte nahi hai

hum bhi to ab
................haste nahi hai

dooriyan bhi ab

.............badhne lagi hai

raahein bhi ab

..............milti nahi hai

aadat bhi ab

..........padh si gayi hai

dhadkane bhi ab
............tham si hui hai

arzue bhi ab

............kam si hui hai

zindagi bhi ab

............ruk si gayi hai

har pal, har lamha
kaun hai vo

jiski kami hai

har pal ,har lamha

kya hai vo

jo in ankho ki nami hai


and they may be wondering

kaun hoon main

kyu hoon main yahan

kiska ka hai ise intzar

hum hai na

loser hoon main

manipal nahi hai mera jahaan
grow up ,get a life

why not what's wrong
these kind of things must be going on

i may be what they call
i may not get that far

may be smoking makes them kool

come on i am not in skool

i know whats kool

after all i am mukul

and what makes me a fool

i said no

that made me a loser

in their eyes


i said no

that made me a winner

in my eyes

sometimes you have to say no
sometimes you have to let everything go
sometimes its easy to go with flow
sometimes being yourself is the hardest thing to do
sometimes you are alone in the crowd of everyone
sometimes you just have to be you
sometimes winning isn't everything
at the end of the day u should be a winner in front of your own eyes
its all that matters


Thursday, February 18, 2010

love ajkal

a random conversation between two friends while the class is going on.....on msgs
boy -kya karing?

girl-lec mein bore hoing...

boy -1 game khelte hai main kuch puchunga tum movies k naam se reply karna ,then we'll proceed like this....kuch kuch hota hai?

girl -main prem ki diwani hu.....

 boy -ye kaise combine hua ??neways tum prem ki diwani ho aur HUM TUMPE MARTE HAI 

girl -par mujhe AITRAZ hai.....

boy - lOVE AAJKAL  mein sab jayaz hai....

girl- PYAAR IMPOSSIBLE hai yaarrr....

boy- i believe in LUCK BY CHANCE

girl-life is about KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM

boy-it would be fun with  U ME AUR HUM


boy-TUM BIN life wud be accompanied by whisky and rum

girl-these are PYAAR KE SIDE EFFECTS

boy-who knows JAANE TU YA JAANE NA



girl- zyada HAWAS chha rahi hai ?

boy-waah tumhara ishq- ISHQ aur mera ishq sex

girl-but PS I LOVE U

boy-yippie RAB NE BANA DI JODI 

boy-kya hogya JAANEMAN?


boy- finally KOI MIL GAYA

girl-1 AJNABEE mil gaya

boy-TUM MILE hi keh deti yaar...

girl-hmmm CHALTE CHALTE shayad mil jau..

boy-WOH LAMHE kab ayenge..?.
girl-will talk later now....


Saturday, February 6, 2010

no matter what life is good

uncensored version
complete version .........

adarniya adhyapika ji......evam mere pyaaaaaaaareeeee sehpatiyoooooo.....well i m not going to deliver chatur's speech of 3 idiots.....i just started it like that to lighten up ur faces and see some smiles..........

well the topic of my speech is.....

‘’ No matter what life is good ‘’
let me start it with a story....

One Night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to him and the other to the Lord.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.
This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you you'd walk with me all the way, but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child, I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

Well this simple story teaches us a simple lesson that you should never feel that you are may not believe in god or u may not be with god....but you should always remember that god is there with you....

I truly understand the fact that life is not simple and we face too many problems everyday...but instead of saying that it’s too complicated I would like to say that it’s simply complicated....

We all know that life is not always exciting and not always sad.......

There is always a time when the road we are trudging seems all uphill, when care presses us down a bit, when the funds are low and the debts are high, when u want to smile but u have to sigh ....when only thing surrounding you is darkness, and u are even betrayed by your own shadow and even loneliness

At such times we wonder, what is happening, and more importantly.....

Why is this happening to me??? What’s my fault?? What is it that I’ve done so grievously, for which I m paying..???
‘’in short why me????’’

Isn’t it true that this question ‘’why me’’ bothers many of have ever introspected and searched for answers to such questions....???

Now what I’d like to say is that this question can be transformed into a completely different 1 without even changing the words.
Amazed?? Well I’ll tell u how

But before that there is another short story that I‘d like to narrate

One day a musician was playing a violin in the middle of a busy Metro station in DC. People stopped by once in a while to listen for a few seconds, and some people tossed a buck or two into his violin case, but for the most part he was ignored as he played. It turns out the hobo-looking guy was actually Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world, and his violin was worth 3.5 million, and that two days prior, he played at a sold-out concert where people paid over 100 bucks a ticket.
This episode at the Metro station was an experiment by the Washington Post to see if people would perceive beauty outside its natural context. They concluded:

“If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments …. How many other things are we missing?”

Well only if you stop for a while and observe, u’ll get to know....everything around us is simply amazing and fascinating and the perfection in everything can’t be overlooked...
We just have to experience the beauty around us and we can be moved by almost anything...
Well just take a look at the sponge for an e.g. I mean look at the sponge and feel its softness,
Or at a tree,
A single leaf,
A single petal, mountains, rivers anything.....everything around us is filled with enormous amount of beauty in it....
And that too with perfection once u do it u’ll surely be amazed by everything around u and feel blessed....that will force u to wonder y me??

Life is full of reasons for happiness but what matters is whether we see and cherish them or not, everything in life has something good and’s our responsibility to cherish the good....we just can’t ignore a rose because of its thorns..... It’s really important not to overlook little reasons of happiness and laughter in our busy and hectic schedule...

Let us stop looking for happiness and expect it to come by in large packages, for then we will forever be left devoid of that what we crave....

Let us for once try and find this priceless treasure in the small moments of our daily life.....and I promise u that there are just too many things for which we complain but they too have a bigger treasure within them ....

For instance
We attend classes, but grumble about having forced to attend them for attendance...isn’t it so??

I would like to tell u that life is not just about the 80% attendance, it is also about the 5% we give and get by improper means......that u call proxies

It’s not about the 8 hours of sleep but it’s about the last 5 minutes that can extend to many more minutes too when the alarm has been put up on snooze....

It’s not about the 100 crushes we have but it’s about the one true love that matters the most...

Exam may be hated a lot but the planning that never gets implemented also have some specialties in it....

U may be afraid of many things but the butterflies that u get while talking to your love, before the exams and while enjoying a ride are just so awesome....

I totally agree that mess food is nothing less than hell,but the talks at that table are simply awesome and the sweet at the end is simply priceless

There are just too many things that can become the reason for your smiles.....

i would like to tell u something.....when i was coming to college a song was going on in my mind


Like WE miss our childhood, someday V r going to miss your college life too....NOW THAT WE ARE IN COLLEGE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO ENJOY EACH AND EVERY MOMENT AS IT COMES.....CHERISH AND LIVE LIFE FULLY......

in the end I would just like to tell you that your college life started with a wonderful song SUMMER OF 69......I WOULD LIKE U TO LIVE ENOUGH TO SING SOMEDAY .......THAT WAS A SUMMER OF 09 .AND THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE......