Monday, April 12, 2010

sutta na lia

a dark night it was 
clouds hiding the stars

smoke booze and yaars

that was was the plan

sky was black and blue

friends were few

some were new

but the aura made them true

partially dried manipal lake
all my dreams were awake

all my smiles were fake

and i knew my yes would be a mistake

heart was filled with killing loneliness

and the biting stressing stress

all around was silencing darkness

sky was filled with moonless emptiness

perfect place to celebrate loneliness

perfect place to kill the stress

perfect fear of darkness

and the clouds completed the moonless emptiness

sutta daaru whisky and rum

helped all of us to forget our gum

and for me 'thumbs up' was enough

for making my eyes num

soon they all were so high

that bunny and prasuddha filled the sky

the laughter was everywhere in the sky

because of the sentimental bheja fry

there were beers and cheers

really happy were all my peers

but i was the one drowning in my own tears

simply for my own fears


something was wrong
something was going on

deep within my heart

i was far away from the 'rock on'

that was going on

i dont know why

i wanted to cry
i wanted to live and die

something unusual was happening with me

something was smothering me

something was haunting me

and i was wondering


zindagi ye ab

...............kat ti nahi hai

ansu ye ab

...............thamte nahi hai

hum bhi to ab
................haste nahi hai

dooriyan bhi ab

.............badhne lagi hai

raahein bhi ab

..............milti nahi hai

aadat bhi ab

..........padh si gayi hai

dhadkane bhi ab
............tham si hui hai

arzue bhi ab

............kam si hui hai

zindagi bhi ab

............ruk si gayi hai

har pal, har lamha
kaun hai vo

jiski kami hai

har pal ,har lamha

kya hai vo

jo in ankho ki nami hai


and they may be wondering

kaun hoon main

kyu hoon main yahan

kiska ka hai ise intzar

hum hai na

loser hoon main

manipal nahi hai mera jahaan
grow up ,get a life

why not what's wrong
these kind of things must be going on

i may be what they call
i may not get that far

may be smoking makes them kool

come on i am not in skool

i know whats kool

after all i am mukul

and what makes me a fool

i said no

that made me a loser

in their eyes


i said no

that made me a winner

in my eyes

sometimes you have to say no
sometimes you have to let everything go
sometimes its easy to go with flow
sometimes being yourself is the hardest thing to do
sometimes you are alone in the crowd of everyone
sometimes you just have to be you
sometimes winning isn't everything
at the end of the day u should be a winner in front of your own eyes
its all that matters



  1. W.O.O.W.

    This is such a in depth wali poem. <3

    I am eager to read more of your stuff.

    Update jaldi jaldi!

  2. thanks a lot .......ur comment is really special
    thnks again......

  3. this comment is frm my frnds - sexc yr......keep it up :)

  4. thanks bro......pehle tera naam padh ke main confuse ho gya tha .....

  5. a perfect description of times when they allure u to drink and u fight ur insides......phaad boss

  6. thanx madhuresh......keep on updating ur blogs

  7. thums uppp!!!!!!nyc again..:)par sad vad mat hua kr yar..keep smiling..:)

  8. thnku rhythm far as u r there wid me i'll keep on smiling....and i wasn't that was just that i had nothing to do....