Monday, May 17, 2010

she was the only one

well this is my answer to the .blogadda mystery fiction contest
It was a nice story  i must say,but as the author said there was only one person who was capable of doing this he was indeed very true while making that remark,and that only one was LILA ,but she didn't killed herself she plotted a web for her sister Sia's death.
yes thats what i think is the case here.....

"The last to go in was Sia, and she was weeping when she came out. For all their twin-ness Sia was as different from Lila, as possible. Quiet and dignified, plain. One was sweet, the other was smart."

yes Lila was smart indeed ,in fact very smart,and that was a perfect plan to eliminate all her enemies.she gave poison to her when she entered her room,and scattered all the other stuffs like scarf,mug pieces,bullet chain.etc so that the finger remains pointed at others and she knew it very well that every other person in that house had a motive, a want of killing her, and so was the case with Lila too,but the difference was they all tried but Lila didn't .this time it was her turn to prove,and she did it very smartly.....
and she was the only person who could have done it,she was the only person who was at whom fingers wouldn't have been pointed and she knew it... she succeeded because of her wits,she herself took place of Sia and put everyone else into the trouble...that was the master plan such that snake got killed and the stick also remain intact....very clever.....very smart ....



  1. A totally different thought about the mystery....
    Good going

    All the best for the contest