Saturday, April 16, 2011

beautiful little things

Lovely little things

As I am writing this I have lots and lots of other things to do and supposedly more important than writing but as all of you know, or must have felt at some point or the other, that the beauty and pleasure lies in doing things that we are not supposed to do. And as far as the things that are more important than writing this one are nothing much, it’s just that I am very tired and exhausted, played cricket for more than 3 hours. And more than that I told Akshat and Momin that I’ll see you guys in library after having a bath, but as of now neither do I have taken the bath and neither I have any plans to go to the library right now. And the other important thing that I was doing was facebooking. Many of my friends have this tendency of saying that I don’t have anything else to do than facebooking but they don’t realise that if they don’t do this than they don’t even have this thing to do....
So as of now I was chatting with Arpit, Chetan, Parul , Rhythm, and Kanu and all of them left suddenly or seemed busy so I turned towards my other friends , my words. And as I am writing this I am also chatting simultaneously, I think I have this talent of multitasking. But as of now all that I have written has nothing to do with this post, and not about any of them either.

Well as I am about to begin the actual beginning I realise that it’s actually about one of them and someone else whose name I don’t know. And for all of these this post is not at all about the one who is in your mind.

Well , I have no idea how to begin and how to give some words to my feelings because it’s really something that I can feel and or say the one who has something to do with it. It’s just a random little thing that touched me today. And that’s the only thing on my mind (my fb status)
somethings little things are so little that are rarely observed by everyone but when observed can touch you, your heart and your soul to an extent that all you do is , just smile....!!!! happy that i smiled :) :) :)

Little things has a lot to do in our lives, the little things may not touch you or make you that much happy. But my life is all about the little things, be it a simple smile by the people whom I love, or be it any little achievement or may be any other little beauty, my life has always been about the little things. And I guess most of you may not realise the importance of these little pleasures that you see everyday around you but someday you’ll realise that these were the things that made your life beautiful and worth living.
Most of us must have surely admired the moon sometimes in our lives, but it’s very rare that stars get this admiration even though they are the ones who are always present fully, that too in the infinite numbers. And this all goes to me too even I have rarely admired the stars, because the brightness of moon always blind my eyes to see the real beauty. I have written a poem for the moon and never written anything for stars, so it’s time to appreciate the stars and the beauty.

I really have no idea guys, how I entered the sky without mentioning the real thing. Well no more further philosophies and back to the point....
At this point I took a power nap and now here I am back to it after around18 hours and in the mean time I did nothing significant especially studies, just watched the match between Mumbai and Kochi and watched the master blaster scoring his yet another century...... but no more delay in finishing it off or rather say in starting it. As soon I’ll finish this I’ll be on my way to library and I am not joking.

So the whole point of turning round and round was nothing at all but a little incident happened while playing the cricket near 12th block, we were playing cricket and there were some bunch of little kids playing some stupid games or rather say they were just having fun with each other in doing absolutely stupid things.

To be true I was reminded of some of my childhood days I too have done all those things, spent my time like they were doing. Some were sitting and watching our match, some were playing with a ball, just random games that you can imagine with a ball without a bat. Tossing it upwards and catching it all by yourself, or say just trying to catch it. There was this particular boy whom I addressed as Pandey part 3, because he looked like the pandey in his childhood days. And in calling him ppt( pandey part three) I am not being racist, just joking around. It used to happen a lot with me that I am trying to make someone laugh but most of the times I ended up in hurting them. But still I try and I am very much improved and nowadays I hurt less no of people by doing this. One day Radhika said to me that you have this quality of making people cry, they can cry comfortably with you. And I believed her because it’s true and obviously whatever she says is always true. But from then onwards I tried to help others out by cheering them up by gifting them smiles rather than making them cry. At times people need both of the things tears and smile. And I am learning this art to make people happy.

So I was telling you about pp3( isn’t it a funny name just like that of millimetre in 3 idiots or cylinder in mr.india or was it calendar rather than cylinder well jokes apart). He was tossing his ball or say my tennis ball that I gave him not because when he came to me asking for it I couldn’t say no to him but because when he asked for it I saw something that made me give it to him happily. He had this look in his eye, that shine that forced me to gift it to him. The look that he had in his eyes were telling me that it will make me very happy so you please give it to me, and I did what his eyes asked me to. You must be wondering why I said I eyes rather than simply saying he asked for the ball. It’s basically because the guy knew only kannada and was asking for it in a language of which I aha no clue so it was basically gesture to gesture conversation. And trust me the look he gave after getting the ball with a smile on his face comparable to the one that your crush has or say that she must have given you someday, there is a word for it PRICELESS OR LEGENDARY.
It was that soothing smile and the shine that has the ability to cherish anyone in any kind of mood. My mood as always was awesome and became even more awesome. In him I could see a little mukul who too used to play and do such things and I too must have got so many things say balls or kites or strings
( ‘manjha’), and I too must have smiled the way ppt did and if the one who gave me that smile would have been like me, like the way I am he too must have felt the happiness and the feeling so awesome that can force you to write a blog post. What I am wondering is how does it feel to be in someone’s blog, though it’s a very little thing for blogger to mention the special people but those are being mentioned must feel great. I don’t have too many blogger friends and few of them who are into blogging don’t post too much and leave apart sharing there feelings, but as I am writing this one I was just reminded of a blog post where I was being mentioned, thanks Madhuresh srivastava, I felt great.
 Time to get back to ppt as of now he has the ball, he thanked with his smile and now he is on his own playing with his little hands and doing catching practice with his little hands that are finding it difficult to catch the ball, and like me he too was using only one hand to catch it. But as he was catching somehow I guess he knew that some of us were watching him, and yes some of us were watching him and some of were watching the movie that was going on near the bowling end, a guy cuddling his girl and was spending a Friday afternoon in a bestest possible ways. And I leave it to you where were my eyes, on the ppt or on the cricket match or on the movie that was going on. Answer is so obvious  :P :P :P

And as he was trying to catch the ball he somehow knew that we were watching him and as he was dropping most of his catches he had this look of disappointment but optimism and determination to get the ball and try it once again and once he was able to catch it ( 1 out of 5 times ) he used to look at us and find out the one who was watching and smiled back at us showing that he achieved something, from our point of view for him it was just a catch that we take everyday but for him it was an achievement, it was the world for him. Just like when we were small must have felt in doing something that was small for others but bigger than anyone could think for us
Be it flying a kite all by yourself, or playing well, or anything more stupid etc. I remember when first time I learnt to write eight(8), I was so proud of myself, earlier I used to find it so difficult to write 8, it was so difficult to curl my hand I write it in free flow. I don’t remember how I learnt this technique if writing 8 , whether it was a teacher or a friend or me, whoever he\she was, must have been a ‘genius’

I was told it it is easy, just draw an egg and below it another egg and it’s done. And I clearly remember how excited I was to tell my mummy what I learnt today, I went straight to her threw my water bottle in the kitchen and bag in my room and she was sitting with my brother I told her “ mumma mumma mujhe 8 banana aa gya, and I remember the smile on both of their faces or should I say the laughter, I opened a notebook and sharpened my pencil so as to write neatly( just think of it sharpening my pencil just to write 8, how children are, or say how I was). And I told her sabse pehle 1 anda fir uske upar 1 aur anda , aur hogya dhingchaak, with a cute smile and lovely gestures I explained my mother who is a teacher how to draw an 8. She must have felt great. And while writing this I am very eagerly waiting to see what my daughter teach me......!!!!

And his smile made me smile and I guess momin and pranav too, rest all of them were busy watching the movie( especially rohit raj and tharki pandey)
And ppt also got drinking water for us and he was so happy to give it to us, I can assure you that he will be a very good human being when he will grow up. He not only gave it to us, he gave it happily to us and was ready to bring even more that depicted his goodness and as he was playing momin offered him some money, just like that, because of his own happiness, he wanted him to take it. Momin has always been a helping human, I have seen him giving money to beggars and others. But ppt was no beggar and why momin offered him money had any intentions like that, I cannot explain his emotions while he was giving it to him, because you can only feel such things and as I am writing this I realise that writing it can spoilt the trueness and beauty of momin’s emotions so I’ll skip it.
But what was more touching was the understanding of ppt who simply said no to him, and was totally reluctant in accepting it. He must have felt that he got it for bringing the water but it was not for that and by what he understood he said no, because he must be knowing that we are here to help and share things. He must be having lots and lots of good etiquettes and good lessons taught by his mother that made him say no to momin, and it was a very hard task for momin to convince him to take it and buy some toffee for himself, and at the tom cruise did it. And throughout the time we were there momin’s nature towards him was very loving, he was with him all the time as ppt went to get out ball, he was there with ppt as there were thorns and barbed wire. It was touching from both the sides to me the ppt and the momin. Momin is not only good by his looks but by his heart too. He is the one gem of a person

And I guess it’s time that it is finished and I am not able to find a proper ending note to it or a proper lesson or a proper moral of the post because I wrote everything in between it so I guess I should end it like this way only the way I always feel about life, ‘journey is my destiny’ as my other blog’s title say.
Ending note- life is beautiful my dear friends live it love it. And don’t ignore the stars even though the moon is there.
 ppt must be very proud and must have told his friends about his encounter with the tom cruise as while parting off momin aka tom cruise told him that we will meet soon.
Ps : i am just wondering whether I should show this post to momin or not, obviously I will but as of now I am not sure whether now or when? Your suggestions are welcome....
Pps :I hope you were not bored, and even if you were I have all the right to bore you
Ppps: time to give title
Pppps : I love writing ps, pps, ppps
Ppppps: and ppppps my main blog Journey is my destiny


  1. Bhai!! Bohot mast likha hai.. Bas Ek problem hai.. IS background ke upar aisa text padhna sachh me bohot difficult hai!!!

  2. thanks arslan ... and problem simplified....

  3. when i opened this post, at first i just scrolled down the page to see how long the post is( a nasty habit i have caught recently)....but then something caught my was my name....and with a thanx....and then i scrolled up to the start and read it whole....and smiled throughout...lovely post
    ....and thnx mukul, it does feel great being mentioned

  4. this habit is with all of us madhuresh thanks a lot for your words and your welcome for being mentioned... !!!! god bless you.. keep smiling